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Jacketing Fabrics

Winter is the season in which garments are adorned, and when it is a pleasure to dress up. Special attention and a long planning is done to finalise the range of fabrics which are used for this season. As it is important to match the buyers requirements of style, fabric, colour, etc.,every season a wide range of fabrics are introduced, as per the evolving fashion, and effort is made to offer the best to the end buyers. Some of the fabrics categories in which we deal are:

Jacketing fabrics  -Latest Fashion

Down Proof Fabric – 50D, 40D, 20D, etc.

Cotton Feel Fabrics (Poly High Filaments)

Peach finishes – Moonlight Peach

Memory Fabric – Snow Memory, Soft Memory, Memory Twill, etc.

Nylons - Taslon, Taffeta 40D, etc.

Cottons & Cotton Blends (NC, PC)

Pre-Quilted Fabrics

Printed Fabrics

Rich Knits – TR  blends, Poly Spandex, Melange look

Wool look – Melton fabric(TR Spandex), Poly brushed


PU Leather – Washable, Non Washed

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